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Staffing and Management

The volunteer Management Committee of the Glasgow Children's Holiday Scheme meet regularly throughout the year and host an AGM usually in mid-November. 

The scheme employs one part-time Coordinator and one part-time Administrative Officer.

We rely entirely on grants and donations

Volunteers act as host families or escort children to and from their host family holiday destinations. Without them there would be no host holiday project.

We comply with OSCR (Office of Scottish Charity Regulators) requirements. Find out more about OSCR.

Committee Profiles

John McDougall, Trustee

I retired from Strathclyde Police as a Superintendent in 2011 after more than 30 years service.  During that time, apart from normal operational duties, I gained extensive experience in many specialist areas including research, process management and improvement, facilitation, the development, implementation and assessment of performance management and improvement systems and in project management.  I have also been involved in the development of new and existing Information Technology systems.

For several years of my service I was attached to Force Training and was involved in IT and other training.  I also led the project team that managed the transition from the original training centre to a new custom built facility that had been developed under the Public Finance Initiative.  This provided me with valuable experience working on a major building project and in operating within a PFI partnership as well as carrying out the role of business manager for the first year of the operation of the new centre.

I also spent two years working with Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary for Scotland, in Edinburgh, carrying out force and thematic inspections throughout the whole of Scotland as well as assisting in providing advice to the Scottish Government on policing matters.

Service with the police has provided me with valuable experience in many different types of partnership working with national and local government, a variety of agencies and with many local groups and associations.

Christine Kitchener, Trustee

Christine grew up in Fort William but has lived in Glasgow for many years.

She retired from City of Glasgow Social Work department in September 2012, having worked in social work from 1989 in Maryhill, Possilpark and Royston.

Prior to 1989 Christine worked in Quarriers Home in the Epilepsy Centre.

Hilary Gibbs, Trustee

I became involved with the Holiday Scheme over 12 years ago just after I retired. I began by escorting children, collecting them from home by car, or meeting them at the station for the journey to their Host family.  I really enjoyed hearing the stories they told me on the return trip, their obvious enjoyment and hope to go back the next year. I joined the Committee shortly afterwards and have been impressed by what the Holiday Scheme has and continues to achieve in very challenging circumstances for all small charities.

My background is Social Work; Child Protection and Therapeutic work.

Mary McLean, Trustee

Mary has been employed as welfare officer by The Glasgow Care Foundation (previously known as The City of Glasgow Society of Social Service) since 1981. Mary has served as a committee member of the Glasgow Children's Holiday Scheme for over 12 years and as a Director of the Association for the Relief of Incurables for more than 10 years.

Dominic Young, Trustee

Jim Jarvie, Trustee

Anne Naismith, Trustee




Donations Welcome

To provide holidays for almost 500 children a year we need your support.  If you can help us please go to the Glasgow Children's Holiday Scheme Just Giving page and donate.  Let's give children a break!

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