The Holiday Scheme is entirely dependent upon grants and donations from local Trusts, businesses and individuals. Finding the funds to keep the 5 caravans running and maintained, recruit new volunteer hosts and escorts, support youth activity holidays  and pay the two part time staff  is a constant struggle, but one which we have been winning for over fifty years, to the benefit of many thousands of disadvantaged children and families.

Our financial year runs from 1st April to 31st March.

We are grateful to the many Trusts, church organisations, individual donors and volunteers whose support makes the Scheme's aims achievable.  Those include volunteers from Accenture staff who support the Holiday Scheme, in March and November with the job of cleaning and closing down the caravans and also with donations for Christmas gifts for children.

See the Annual Report for the photographic evidence! and also to see the full list of donors. Thank you all, on behalf of the 456 children and 286 parents/carers who benefited this year.

Funding News:

In 2015/16, we are extremely grateful for the support of St Patrick's Day Charity Committee and Lend Lease Guvnors Charity as well as a range of other supporters -

  • Glasgow City Council
  • Shared Care Scotland - Better Breaks
  • Family Holiday Association
  • Glasgow Care Foundation
  • Merchant's House the Commonweal Fund and STV Appeal
  • The Moffat Trust
  • Red Nose Day
  • Seaforth Sanatorium Trust
  • WA Cargill Charitable Trust
  • Radio Clyde Cash for Kids
  • Mrs Jane Allan's Trust
  • ALA Green Charitable Trust
  • IPSL Ltd
  • Saint and Sinners Club of Scotland
  • Sainsbury's staff, Bothwell St, Glasgow
  • the staff at Accenture
  • staff from Clydesdale Bank
  • The Volant Trust
  • All Saints Episcopal Church
  • Glasgow/Galloway Mother's Union
  • Mr and Mrs Davidson
  • Joanne O'Connor for her fund raising efforts
  • Mr Hugh MacGilp
  • Mr Lytton
  • Caroline Corfield
  • Ms Mhairi MacGilp
  • Mrs Hannah
  • Ailsa Care Services
  • Young philanthropy initiative
  • Strathclyde University Students Association
  • Herald and Times staff benevolent fund

Donations Welcome

To provide holidays for almost 500 children a year we need your support.  If you can help us please go to the Glasgow Children's Holiday Scheme Just Giving page and donate.  Let's give children a break!

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