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Holiday feedback

Here are some comments and feedback from recent holidays.




Ø  A 14 year old girl commented: “This was our first holiday. It made us all keen to smile and appreciate each other.”


Ø  Mother of ten-year-old boy: “His first holiday, and he always goes on about it to his friends.”


Ø  A teenage daughter: “Great for me, the boys and mum to be away and not worry about stuff at home.”


Ø  One dad said “We had an absolute blast. I’ve never seen us smile so much.”


Ø  Another mum: “My kids loved the holiday. They improved in schoolwork and socially afterwards.”


Ø  A dad with 3 daughters, one with cerebral palsy, told us that the holiday meant his 3 kids got to go on a boat for the first time when they went over to Rothesay (his kids are 11, 15 and 18 years old). He also said that to book their own holiday was unaffordable especially with extra costs for his daughter with cerebral palsy.  The Holiday Scheme can provide a fully adapted and accessible caravan for only £40 for one week.


Ø  One mum with 3 kids wrote ‘me and the kids would like to thank everyone at the Holiday scheme for giving us this break.  We have all had an absolute blast and are upset it’s all over.   It has been so relaxing and peaceful for us all.  Danielle, my 4 year old, had so much fun and we found it difficult to get her out of the swimming pool and play park - she was loving it.  I have never seen us all smile as much as we have it’s been a well needed holiday for us all.


Ø  Mum wrote: ‘I would firstly like to thank everyone from Glasgow Children’s Holiday Scheme for making this happen for myself and my 11 year old son.  You will never know what this opportunity has done for us.  We arrived on Saturday, reception were so helpful.  We then headed round to the caravan, opened the door, stepped in and tears rolled down my cheeks. I was overwhelmed.  The caravan was spotless and very well equipped, the view we looked out onto was breathtaking AND it had a balcony (WOW).  I will admit I was very nervous at first (we have never been on a holiday before) but after a few hours we had settled right in.  Everyone was so friendly and the venue was fantastic.  The change in my mental health has really improved dramatically and my son is so relaxed and happy.  Thank you thank you thank you.’




It is always encouraging to receive feedback from families who have enjoyed a caravan holiday.



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